This server is completely free to play on, but in order for it to run, it requires many things that aren't free. 
That is why we have set up a way for you as a player to contribute to the costs with the use of PayPal

Gathered funds will be used for covering server costs, upgrading speed, adding new features and ensuring the long-term continuation of our community. Keep in mind that the word "donation" describes an act of giving without expecting anything in return.

Some of the funds may be re-donated to support software that helped build this shard and keeps it going (for example WikimediaSubversionNotepad++Fiddler) or to charitable organizations that promote computer literacy (such as OLPC). 

Any amount you donate is welcome, but note that PayPal charges a transaction fee, so by sending a small amount (for example, under one USD) you are mostly donating to PayPal. 

- You are donating by your own choice for the purpose of covering the costs to keep the community online.
- You are not making this donation in order to expect something in return.


You can see a list of donation items Here!