Features that you will find here at UO Stones.

Account Limit 2 Per IP

7 Characters Per Account

House limit 2 per account

Skill Cap: 720

Stat Cap: 225

Individual Stat Cap: 250

Skill Bonus Items Grant You Bonus Skill

You are allowed to play on both of your accounts, and have them both logged in!

Custom Features

Bonus Loot System With 10,000,000+ Items.

One Of A Kind Artifact System With Over 1,000,000+ Items To Find Or Collect

One Of A Kind Totally Random Boss Monster System With Over 1,000,000+ Bosses To Slay

Pet Leveling

Critical Hit System

200+ Quests

Advanced Item Socketing System

New Fel Mob System

Pet Breeding

Evo Pets

Reworked Skills

Custom Passive Skill System

All New Builds For Players To Discover

New Spells and Spell Books

Token System

Advanced Storage Key System

New Resources

New Event Systems

Auction System

Rune Crafting

Bee Keeping

Artifact Browsing System

Hue Browsing System

Advanced Crafting

Bounty System

Casino Games Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Etc

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rares

Custom Stealables

Grave Robbing System

Harvestable Regs

Achievement System

Town House System

Spell Tool Bars

Bio Pet Crafting

Advanced Loot

Yard Wand Tool

Relic System

Deco Crafting Systems

Advanced Combat

Dungeons of the month

Monsters of the month

Loot Power Hours

Huge Guild City's an Custom Guild Color System

An so many more for you to explore!