Connecting to Ultima Online Stones is, and always will be free.  Follow this short and simple guide to get on the server and start playing! It is as easy as 1,2,3!

Ultima Online Client

Step 1) Download the Ultima Online Client and install it!

Ultima Online Client patching

Step 2) Now Patch Your Client To The Newest Patch

Custom Hue File

Step 3) Download the custom hue file, Now drag and drop it in your ultima online directory

(Note) - Every time OSI releases a new client patch you have to reinstall our hue file or you will not be able to see the custom hues.

UO Steam

Step 4) Download and install UO Steam for all your macroing needs!

Open UO Steam and fill in the information as shown in the picture below.

Port:  2593

Click Start on your UO Steam After your client loads, simply log in with your desired username and password.  Ultima Online Stones is set on auto account creation.

Classic UO Client

(Note) - ClassicUO Client Requires You To have Ultima Online Classic Client Installed!

Download and install ClassicUO.
Once you have downloaded the client you simply click the ClassicUO Launcher.exe

Click edit profiles in the top left corner.

You will then be taken to this screen below.

Click Add, Then fill in the blanks as shown.

(Note) - Use your username and password you use to connect to your account on the shard.

After that click save profile an your ready to play on Uo Stones using classic Uo!